À La Carte (Coeliac)


  • Roasted Vine Tomato Soup (v) Served with a celery stick and cream cheese on coeliac friendly bread €5.50
  • Coeliac Garlic Bread Add mozarella €4.95 €3.95
  • Coeliac Connemara Mussels Steamed in tomato , black pepper and tarragon sauce Served with coeliac friendly bread €10.95
  • Baked Portobello Mushroom (v) Mushroom pate, served on a garlic coeliac crouton with crème fraiche €7.95
  • Millstone’s Irish Seafood Chowder With coeliac friendly bread €8.25
  • Trio of Pesto Bread (v) (n) Semi dried tomato, mozzarella, pesto and parmesan on coeliac bread €5.25
  • Irish Smoked Salmon Parcel Chilled atlantic prawns and crayfish covered in marie rose and brandy sauce, wrapped in Irish smoked salmon, finished with a twist of lemon €9.95
  • Baked Goat’s Cheese Salad (n) Served on a herb crouton, tossed leaves, basil sun-dried tomato pesto, crispy parma ham €8.95


  • Trio of Wicklow Lamb Char grilled tenderloin, marinated lamb cutlet, slow roast lamb belly served with minted crushed baby potatoes and a red wine thyme jus €25.95
  • Baked Irish Salmon Fillet Stuffed with prawn & crayfish mousse, with pan fried courgette & baby crushed potatoes, served with a rich lobster and brandy sauce €22.95
  • Trio of Pan Fried Fish (Delivered fresh 6 days a week) Seabass, white sole, haddock with lemon oil accompanied with baby caper and crushed potatoes €23.95
  • Spaghetti Bolognese A rich slow cooked bolognese of beef, pork, red wine and vine tomatoes, tossed through a coeliac friendly rice pasta, garnished with fresh herbs, crispy parma ham and freshly grated parmesan €16.95
  • Spinach and Ricotta Spaghetti (v)(n) Pan fried baby spinach, courgettes, peppers and shallots, tossed with ricotta, mushroom pate and a coeliac friendly rice pasta, garnished with basil pesto €15.95

Side Orders

  • Coeliac Sauté Potatoes €3.95
  • Shoestring Chip €3.75
  • Mash Potato €4.50
  • Baby Boiled Potatoes €4.50
  • Roast Root Vegetables €4.50
  • Portobello/Onion Sauté €4.50
  • Tossed Salad €4.50
  • Gluten Free Bread €2.00

Please Note

  • Shoestring Chips are cooked in oil previously used to prepare non gluten free items
  • Sauté potatoes are 100% gluten free

Irish Hereford Steaks

  • Prime Fillet Steak 9oz house cut from the tenderloin, a very tender steak, low in fat mild in flavor €29.00
  • New York Striploin 14oz a little firmer then the fillet light even marbling giving this cut a stronger flavour €28.00
  • Prime T-Bone 20oz a two for one cut comprising of strip loin and tender fillet char grilled on the bone for increased flavour €30.00
  • Prime Rib Eye on the Bone 20oz highly marbled with a large centre of fat giving this cut a juicy texture and succulent rich flavour €29.00
  • Prime Rump cut from Hereford Sirloin 9oz marinated in wine, this cut has a firm texture with a very rich beef flavour €23.00
  • Veal Striploin Irish Rose Veal 9oz tender with a soft texture and delicate flavour €26.00
  • Chefs Beef Tasting Plate prime fillet medallion, striploin cut, marinated rump medallion and rose veal served with house butter and choice of sauce €35.00
  • All steaks are served with portobello mushrooms and onions sauté accompanied with a choice of sauce garlic butter, peppercorn, béarnaise, horseradish, brandy butter, red wine and thyme jus
  • Add Surf and Turf pan fried prawns and crab claws sautéed in garlic, with a cream sauce €8.95
  • Add Pan Fried Foie Gras €8.95
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